Hidden In The Basement

Artist: Hidden In The Basement
Genre: Southern Stoner Metal
Location: Larisa, Greece
Origin: Larisa, Greece
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Hidden In The Basement are:

Kostas Tsiavalias – Vocals, Guitars
Thanos Vovouras – Guitars
Filippos Zoukas – Bass, Vocals
Thanos Dimkos – Drums

Hidden in the Basement is a heavy rock/metal band from Larisa, Greece that was formed in 2007 by Kostas Tsiavalias (guitar/vocals), Thanos Vovouras (guitar), Filippos Zoukas (bass, vocals) and Thanos Dimkos (drums). The band was formed with the sole purpose of giving the members a means to express their thoughts and emotions through music, in order to defy the society in which they live. Every member is different in there own way, like pieces of a puzzle, that when put together create a storm of sounds and ideas like no other.

Hidden in the Basement recorded their first EP titled “Hope for a New Day” in 2010. In November of 2012 the band released their first official video clip, which was a live acoustic version of “Reckless”, one of the band’s heaviest songs. This change in direction surprised many and turned “Reckless” into one of the most well known tracks of their upcoming debut album “Ego” which was recorded in December of 2012. The album was recorded by Giwrgos Tsavdaridis at Fabric Studios in Larisa, Greece and was mastered at JM Mastering Studios, United Kingdom.

The band has performed many shows in Greece, including Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. They have opened for acts such as Sepultura, Karma to Burn, Orange Goblin, Burst, and Rotting Christ. In July 2013 the band signed with Grey Ham Records, where “Ego” will officially be released into the global market on the 18th of October 2013. Hidden in the Basement are currently working on new material as well as a tour for 2014.


Album Reviews


Really professional appearance with great chemistry in the band, awesome guitars and a powerful performance: enough to make some heads bang!


The American groove on the riffs, the swedish melodies on the guitars, heavy rock approach in different parts and in general all this elements we hear more often lately but these guys do it damn good.”

G.R.A.F.I.A.S jonkaps.blogspot.gr

36 minutes where Larissians flawlessly testify what they have to say…


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